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Windows processes in Task Manager

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ashserv.exe is delivered by avast! Antivirus. (ashserv.exe)
ares.exe belongs to Ares for windows. (ares.exe)
archive.exe . (archive.exe)
atkosd.exe ATK. (atkosd.exe)
asm.exe is developed by Altnet Sharing Manager. (asm.exe)
agentsvr.exe made by Microsoft Agent Server. (agentsvr.exe)
aclntusr.exe is made by AClntUsr - AClient Interactive User Service. (aclntusr.exe)
asusprob.exe . (asusprob.exe)
atidtct.exe delivered ATI Multimedia Center. (atidtct.exe)
autotbar.exe . (autotbar.exe)
adusermon.exe made by Iomega Active Disk. (adusermon.exe)
asfagent.exe belongs to Intel® PRO Alerting Suite ASF 1.0 and ASF 2.0 Compatible. (asfagent.exe)
alcmtr.exe is made by Realtek AC97 Audio - Event Monitor. (alcmtr.exe)
ashdisp.exe is made by avast! Antivirus. (ashdisp.exe)
avwupsrv.exe is developed by AntiVir Update Service for Windows XP, 2000, NT. (avwupsrv.exe)
aoltray.exe is created by America Online. (aoltray.exe)
agtserv.exe made by ScreenScraper SDK. (agtserv.exe)
anydvd.exe delivered AnyDVD. (anydvd.exe)
aurareco.exe is delivered by Thinstaller. (aurareco.exe)
avgserv.exe AVG. (avgserv.exe)
adservice.exe from Iomega Active Disk. (adservice.exe)
acmonitor_x83.exe delivered Jetsoft Development Company ACMonitor. (acmonitor_x83.exe)
agent.exe delivered InstallShield Update Service. (agent.exe)
adtoolskeep.exe . (adtoolskeep.exe)
abasa5jrp.exe . (abasa5jrp.exe)
avant.exe from Avant Browser. (avant.exe)
aspnet_admin.exe is from Microsoft® .NET Framework. (aspnet_admin.exe)
ahqinit.exe belongs to AHQInit Application. (ahqinit.exe)
ati2sgag.exe is from ATI Smart. (ati2sgag.exe)
aceagent.exe . (aceagent.exe)
askernel.exe from asKernel Module. (askernel.exe)
atirw.exe from ATI Remote Wonder. (atirw.exe)
aclient.exe created by Altiris Client Agent for Windows. (aclient.exe)
a64sddd.exe from prjMensagem. (a64sddd.exe)
admanctl.exe . (admanctl.exe)
aolwbspd.exe is developed by AOL TopSpeed(TM). (aolwbspd.exe)
adc.exe is made by Active Desktop Calendar Application. (adc.exe)
alcfdrtm.exe developed by Realtek ALCFDRTM. (alcfdrtm.exe)
adiras.exe . (adiras.exe)
avgnt.exe from AntiVir Guard Control Program. (avgnt.exe)
advchk.exe is developed by Norton AntiVirus. (advchk.exe)
atisched.exe from ATI Multimedia Center. (atisched.exe)
adstatserv.exe . (adstatserv.exe)
aom.exe is delivered by AOM Application. (aom.exe)
aboard.exe delivered Activboard Application. (aboard.exe)
aswlsvc.exe . (aswlsvc.exe)
aexnsagent.exe made by Altiris Agent. (aexnsagent.exe)
anonproxy.exe made by Anonymizer. (anonproxy.exe)
apvxdwin.exe developed by Panda Antivirus Aplication. (apvxdwin.exe)
a65d.exe pop. (a65d.exe)
abc.exe . (abc.exe)
atnthost.exe is from WebEx. (atnthost.exe)
asuskbservice.exe delivered ASUS Keyboard Service. (asuskbservice.exe)
atr1.exe is developed by PowerReg. (atr1.exe)
acmonitor_x73.exe belongs to ACMonitor. (acmonitor_x73.exe)
admilliserv.exe . (admilliserv.exe)
audevicemgr.exe created by Phone Connection Monitor. (audevicemgr.exe)
acbtnmgr_x83.exe developed by Jetsoft Development Company AcBtnMgr. (acbtnmgr_x83.exe)
alchem.exe . (alchem.exe)
aosd.exe created by ActivOSD Application. (aosd.exe)
aupdate.exe from LiveUpdate. (aupdate.exe)
adeck.exe created by Vinyl Deck. (adeck.exe)
antivirus.exe . (antivirus.exe)
acbtnmgr_x73.exe is from Jetsoft Development Company AcBtnMgr. (acbtnmgr_x73.exe)
acrobat.exe delivered Adobe Acrobat. (acrobat.exe)
adm4005.exe ADM. (adm4005.exe)
aaksrv.exe created by Spydex, Inc. Advanced Anti Keylogger. (aaksrv.exe)
adprot.exe from ADPROT. (adprot.exe)
adcdlicsvc.exe . (adcdlicsvc.exe)
asr_fnt.exe . (asr_fnt.exe)
adstatkeep.exe . (adstatkeep.exe)
acctmgr.exe from Norton Password Manager. (acctmgr.exe)
avservice.exe . (avservice.exe)
admillikeep.exe . (admillikeep.exe)
atwtusb.exe is made by Tablet HID. (atwtusb.exe)
agentsrv.exe is developed by Connected DataProtector. (agentsrv.exe)
axlbridge.exe made by QuickBooks for Windows. (axlbridge.exe)
aol.exe made by America Online. (aol.exe)
atitray.exe belongs to ATI Tray Tools. (atitray.exe)
ad2kclient.exe belongs to AD2KClient. (ad2kclient.exe)
atom.exe . (atom.exe)
anvshell.exe belongs to ASUS nVidia Series Shell. (anvshell.exe)
auserinit.exe ESP. (auserinit.exe)
alarmwatcher.exe is from Synaptics, Inc cPad. (alarmwatcher.exe)
a.exe . (a.exe)
avpx32.exe . (avpx32.exe)
airplus.exe created by D-Link AirPlus. (airplus.exe)
airpluscfg.exe belongs to Wireless LAN Monitor. (airpluscfg.exe)
avp.exe belongs to Kaspersky Anti-Virus. (avp.exe)
admunch.exe . (admunch.exe)
autocomp.exe is created by AUTOCOMP. (autocomp.exe)
abbyynewsreader.exe is created by FineReader. (abbyynewsreader.exe)
avidsdmservice.exe created by Avid Technology, Inc. AvidSDMService. (avidsdmservice.exe)
airsvcu.exe belongs to Microsoft Media Manager. (airsvcu.exe)
aqadcup.exe . (aqadcup.exe)
atiphexx.exe . (atiphexx.exe)
acmonitor_x63.exe . (acmonitor_x63.exe)
autorun.exe is created by CallTemp. (autorun.exe)
auto_update_loader.exe . (auto_update_loader.exe)
accelerate.exe . (accelerate.exe)
abyssws.exe is created by Abyss Web Server X. (abyssws.exe)
appmgr.exe made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (appmgr.exe)
a2guard.exe made by a-squared Personal. (a2guard.exe)
apvfb.exe developed by APVFB. (apvfb.exe)
avpcc.exe belongs to Kaspersky Anti-Virus. (avpcc.exe)
amstream.exe delivered amstream.exe. (amstream.exe)
ahqtb.exe is developed by AudioHQ. (ahqtb.exe)
avpm.exe from Kaspersky Anti-Virus. (avpm.exe)
auvdc.exe from NetSpot Suite. (auvdc.exe)
aswl2k.exe . (aswl2k.exe)
admankeep.exe . (admankeep.exe)
activation.exe is delivered by Microsoft Money. (activation.exe)
athan.exe is delivered by Athan. (athan.exe)
advtg.exe belongs to eZstub Module. (advtg.exe)
a3p.exe is from HajeLoader ?? ????. (a3p.exe)
atievxx.exe is developed by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (atievxx.exe)
actionagent.exe is from OpenManage Client Instrumentation. (actionagent.exe)
atdialler1.exe is from Micro Dialler. (atdialler1.exe)
apcsystray.exe belongs to APC PowerChute Personal Edition. (apcsystray.exe)

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