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Windows processes in Task Manager

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blackd.exe created by Internet Security Systems Inc. blackd. (blackd.exe)
bdnagent.exe made by BitDefender News Agent. (bdnagent.exe)
btwdins.exe from Bluetooth Software. (btwdins.exe)
bigfix.exe is created by BigFix. (bigfix.exe)
bthelpnotifier.exe created by Motive System. (bthelpnotifier.exe)
bttray.exe belongs to Bluetooth Software. (bttray.exe)
bascstray.exe . (bascstray.exe)
backupnotify.exe is delivered by HP Image Zone Plus. (backupnotify.exe)
bagent.exe created by Quicken for Windows. (bagent.exe)
bttnserv.exe created by BttnServ Module. (bttnserv.exe)
bpk.exe BPK. (bpk.exe)
bitcomet.exe is from BitComet. (bitcomet.exe)
bearshare.exe is developed by BearShare. (bearshare.exe)
btstackserver.exe created by Bluetooth COM Server. (btstackserver.exe)
brstdvpt.exe created by BrStDvPt. (brstdvpt.exe)
bdoesrv.exe is developed by Bitdefender. (bdoesrv.exe)
btntservice.exe . (btntservice.exe)
bpt.exe . (bpt.exe)
btsetbootkey.exe . (btsetbootkey.exe)
btusrbdg.exe . (btusrbdg.exe)
broadcastproxy.exe is created by BroadcastProxy Module. (broadcastproxy.exe)
bgsmsnd.exe . (bgsmsnd.exe)
bmupdate.exe made by BMUpdate Application. (bmupdate.exe)
blocktracker.exe . (blocktracker.exe)
bldbubg.exe . (bldbubg.exe)
bdswitch.exe is from BitDefender 9 Professional Plus. (bdswitch.exe)
bitlord.exe belongs to BitLord. (bitlord.exe)
btnhnd.exe from Button handler. (btnhnd.exe)
babylon.exe belongs to Babylon Client. (babylon.exe)
bcresident.exe belongs to Jetico, Inc. BCResident. (bcresident.exe)
bundleouter.exe . (bundleouter.exe)
bsclip.exe . (bsclip.exe)
boinc_gui.exe is from BOINC Core Client. (boinc_gui.exe)
bmwebcfg.exe delivered Bytemobile Optimization Client. (bmwebcfg.exe)
blackice.exe is created by Internet Security Systems, Inc. BlackICE. (blackice.exe)
bundle_cdt1006.exe . (bundle_cdt1006.exe)
bwprnmon.exe . (bwprnmon.exe)
bpcv2.exe . (bpcv2.exe)
bhodemon.exe is from BHODemon. (bhodemon.exe)
bsw.exe . (bsw.exe)
bo1helper.exe developed by BO1Helper. (bo1helper.exe)
bootskin.exe is created by BootSkin. (bootskin.exe)
browsewm.exe . (browsewm.exe)
bman1.exe delivered BMan. (bman1.exe)
bptre.exe . (bptre.exe)
belt.exe . (belt.exe)
barman.exe . (barman.exe)
besclient.exe delivered BESClient. (besclient.exe)
bitsprx2.exe developed by bitsprx2.exe. (bitsprx2.exe)
brmfrsmg.exe belongs to Brother MFL Pro. (brmfrsmg.exe)
billmind.exe from Quicken 98 for Windows. (billmind.exe)
bil.exe . (bil.exe)
bundle.exe is from - install. (bundle.exe)
blengine.exe from Messaging Integration Engine. (blengine.exe)
batmeter.exe . (batmeter.exe)
bpcable.exe developed by BigPond Broadband Cable Login. (bpcable.exe)
browselc.exe . (browselc.exe)

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