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Windows processes in Task Manager

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cookiepatrol.exe from PestPatrol. (cookiepatrol.exe)
ccmexec.exe from Systems Management Server. (ccmexec.exe)
cursorxp.exe is developed by Stardock CursorXP. (cursorxp.exe)
casclient.exe . (casclient.exe)
coloreal.exe . (coloreal.exe)
cpqdfwag.exe created by Compaq Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent. (cpqdfwag.exe)
ctnotify.exe belongs to Creative Disc Detector. (ctnotify.exe)
cpqeadm.exe is made by Compaq Easy Access Button Support. (cpqeadm.exe)
cnyhkey.exe delivered Chicony Multimedia Driver. (cnyhkey.exe)
csrs.exe belongs to Csrs. (csrs.exe)
command.exe . (command.exe)
cmd32.exe created by Project. (cmd32.exe)
ctdetect.exe belongs to Creative MediaSource Detector. (ctdetect.exe)
cprmtkey.exe made by Dritek Multimedia HotKey Program. (cprmtkey.exe)
ceekey.exe is from EKey Application. (ceekey.exe)
cdproxyserv.exe delivered CdProxy Application. (cdproxyserv.exe)
ct.exe . (ct.exe)
cisvvc.exe . (cisvvc.exe)
crauto.exe . (crauto.exe)
connmngmntbox.exe is created by Symbian Connect. (connmngmntbox.exe)
cpqinet.exe belongs to CPQINET. (cpqinet.exe)
cavrid.exe made by Computer Associates Antivirus. (cavrid.exe)
cxtpls_loader.exe . (cxtpls_loader.exe)
cfgwiz.exe is made by Symantec Shared Components. (cfgwiz.exe)
copyfstq.exe . (copyfstq.exe)
conscorr.exe . (conscorr.exe)
cssrs.exe . (cssrs.exe)
cma.exe belongs to Content Management Agent. (cma.exe)
ccs.exe . (ccs.exe)
cygrunsrv.exe . (cygrunsrv.exe)
cxtpls_loader_ff.exe . (cxtpls_loader_ff.exe)
cmd.exe created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (cmd.exe)
capfax.exe made by Winfax - WinPhone. (capfax.exe)
cmappclient.exe . (cmappclient.exe)
cavtray.exe created by Computer Associates Antivirus. (cavtray.exe)
ceepwrsvc.exe created by CeEPwrSvc Module. (ceepwrsvc.exe)
catsysdemon.exe from Dassault Systemes Product. (catsysdemon.exe)
caxchg.exe . (caxchg.exe)
ctcmsgo.exe is made by Creative MediaSource Go!. (ctcmsgo.exe)
clonecdtray.exe belongs to CloneCD. (clonecdtray.exe)
clientsideproxy.exe belongs to AcceleNet. (clientsideproxy.exe)
ctrlvol.exe developed by Wistron ctrlvol. (ctrlvol.exe)
curtainssyssvcnt.exe made by Curtains for Windows. (curtainssyssvcnt.exe)
clipsrv.exe developed by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (clipsrv.exe)
conime.exe from MicrosoftR WindowsR Operating System. (conime.exe)
cashback.exe is developed by CashBack Module. (cashback.exe)
clisvcl.exe developed by Systems Management Server. (clisvcl.exe)
cpbrwtch.exe belongs to Cookie Pal. (cpbrwtch.exe)
cusrvc.exe from Novell Client for Windows. (cusrvc.exe)
cclient.exe is developed by TS.Census. (cclient.exe)
client.exe from ParadisePoker.com client. (client.exe)
controld.exe . (controld.exe)
csrssu.exe . (csrssu.exe)
cfgsrvc.exe . (cfgsrvc.exe)
ccpwdsvc.exe belongs to Common Client. (ccpwdsvc.exe)
cmpdpsrv.exe is developed by Printer Driver Plus. (cmpdpsrv.exe)
coolsrv.exe . (coolsrv.exe)
csrssp.exe . (csrssp.exe)
cxdxregt.exe . (cxdxregt.exe)
csmrs.exe . (csmrs.exe)
ctsvccd.exe . (ctsvccd.exe)
cd1.exe . (cd1.exe)
cepmtray.exe belongs to CeTray Application. (cepmtray.exe)
cledx.exe belongs to CLEDX. (cledx.exe)
connmie.exe . (connmie.exe)
cacheman.exe developed by Cacheman. (cacheman.exe)
corecenter.exe created by FuzzyPWM Application. (corecenter.exe)
cloaker.exe belongs to Cloaker, Cloaker, Cloaker!. (cloaker.exe)
config.exe . (config.exe)
companion.exe from AOL Companion. (companion.exe)
cpqalert.exe from Compaq Management Agents. (cpqalert.exe)
calcheck.exe from Calendar Checker Application. (calcheck.exe)
canada.exe . (canada.exe)
cleanup.exe delivered adi CleanUp. (cleanup.exe)
cachemanxp.exe . (cachemanxp.exe)
ctregrun.exe from Creative On-line Registration System. (ctregrun.exe)
cmdtel.exe . (cmdtel.exe)
ctpdpsrv.exe belongs to Printer Driver Plus. (ctpdpsrv.exe)
ccleaner.exe is developed by CCleaner. (ccleaner.exe)
cam.exe is delivered by Unicenter Message Queuing. (cam.exe)
copernicdesktopsearch.exe made by Copernic Desktop Search. (copernicdesktopsearch.exe)
cpuidle.exe belongs to CpuIdle. (cpuidle.exe)
capman.exe from Symbian Connect. (capman.exe)
cwhi.exe from ContentEngine. (cwhi.exe)
connect.exe belongs to Sametime Connect. (connect.exe)
ceisvc.exe . (ceisvc.exe)
csagent.exe made by Copernic Summarizer. (csagent.exe)
cpqek.exe from Cpqek Application. (cpqek.exe)
cruu.exe . (cruu.exe)
camtray.exe belongs to PC-CAM Center. (camtray.exe)
ca.exe developed by EZ Firewall. (ca.exe)
cseraser.exe belongs to AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite. (cseraser.exe)
ctltray.exe is made by Creative TaskTray. (ctltray.exe)
canamingadapter.exe . (canamingadapter.exe)
ccd.exe . (ccd.exe)
ctcms.exe is from Creative MediaSource. (ctcms.exe)

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