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Windows processes in Task Manager

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fd.exe is made by Magic disk supervisor. (fd.exe)
fast.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (fast.exe)
fsg_4203.exe . (fsg_4203.exe)
flashksk.exe . (flashksk.exe)
fasttvsync.exe developed by FastTVSync Module. (fasttvsync.exe)
fpdisp5a.exe belongs to FinePrint. (fpdisp5a.exe)
fsgk32.exe belongs to F-Secure Corp. fsgk. (fsgk32.exe)
fppdis2a.exe delivered FinePrint pdfFactory. (fppdis2a.exe)
fssm32.exe is delivered by F-Secure Corp. fssm. (fssm32.exe)
fsrremos.exe is from sysinf_s Application. (fsrremos.exe)
fsdfwd.exe is from F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Shield. (fsdfwd.exe)
fahcore_78.exe . (fahcore_78.exe)
firstreboot.exe . (firstreboot.exe)
firedaemon.exe is delivered by FireDaemon. (firedaemon.exe)
fsbwsys.exe delivered F-Secure BackWeb. (fsbwsys.exe)
freedom.exe belongs to Freedom. (freedom.exe)
fsguiexe.exe ISP. (fsguiexe.exe)
fraps.exe is developed by FRAPS. (fraps.exe)
fahcore_65.exe . (fahcore_65.exe)
fsgk32st.exe is delivered by F-Secure Corp. Startup service. (fsgk32st.exe)
firesvc.exe from McAfee Desktop Firewall. (firesvc.exe)
ftkcpy.exe . (ftkcpy.exe)
ftraksvc.exe is delivered by FastTrak Service for NT. (ftraksvc.exe)
fapiexe.exe from FAPI. (fapiexe.exe)
flacpy.exe . (flacpy.exe)
fxssvc.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (fxssvc.exe)
fsma32.exe is made by F-Secure Management Agent. (fsma32.exe)
filedeleter.exe is delivered by FBMSoftware FileDeleter. (filedeleter.exe)
formatsys.exe . (formatsys.exe)
fpavupdm.exe delivered F-Prot Antivirus Update Monitor. (fpavupdm.exe)
fsscrctl.exe is made by Stardust Screen Saver Toolkit. (fsscrctl.exe)
fwlink.exe . (fwlink.exe)
fbguard.exe from Firebird SQL Server. (fbguard.exe)
fdm.exe created by Free Download Manager. (fdm.exe)
fvprotect.exe . (fvprotect.exe)
frzstate.exe is from Deep Freeze. (frzstate.exe)
fsg_4104.exe . (fsg_4104.exe)
fileops.exe from Adobe SVG Viewer. (fileops.exe)
fsm32.exe delivered F-Secure Management Agent. (fsm32.exe)
fjtwsetup.exe is delivered by Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows. (fjtwsetup.exe)
fsmb32.exe made by F-Secure Management Agent. (fsmb32.exe)
fsav32.exe is developed by F-Secure Anti-Virus. (fsav32.exe)
freeram.exe developed by BySoft FreeRAM - freeware. (freeram.exe)
fpdisp4.exe from FinePrint. (fpdisp4.exe)

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