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Windows processes in Task Manager

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googledesktop.exe . (googledesktop.exe)
googledesktopdisplay.exe . (googledesktopdisplay.exe)
gbpoll.exe made by Norton GoBack. (gbpoll.exe)
gwhotkey.exe belongs to Gateway Multi-function Keyboard Utility. (gwhotkey.exe)
getright.exe developed by GetRight. (getright.exe)
ghosttray.exe belongs to Norton Ghost. (ghosttray.exe)
gsicon.exe belongs to ADSL Modem. (gsicon.exe)
g.exe . (g.exe)
googledesktopoe.exe . (googledesktopoe.exe)
gs30s.exe . (gs30s.exe)
gravitixservice.exe made by Patchlink Update. (gravitixservice.exe)
gear511.exe developed by NetgearRev Application. (gear511.exe)
gamechannel.exe is developed by Game Channel. (gamechannel.exe)
gtwatch.exe . (gtwatch.exe)
gpvsvr.exe from VAIO Media. (gpvsvr.exe)
gaim.exe . (gaim.exe)
googledcc.exe . (googledcc.exe)
gwinkmonitor.exe belongs to Gateway Online Ink Purchase Utility. (gwinkmonitor.exe)
gameutil.exe is delivered by GameUtil. (gameutil.exe)
gps.exe is from Giga Pocket. (gps.exe)
ggviewer.exe is from Google Deskbar. (ggviewer.exe)
gbtray.exe made by Norton GoBack. (gbtray.exe)
googlefahcore_65.exe . (googlefahcore_65.exe)
gnetmous.exe made by Scroll Mouse. (gnetmous.exe)
gg.exe made by Gadu-Gadu. (gg.exe)
gglib.exe . (gglib.exe)
ghoststarttrayapp.exe is delivered by Norton Ghost Start. (ghoststarttrayapp.exe)
gwremind.exe from Microsoft Greetings Workshop Reminder. (gwremind.exe)
gwum.exe from menu1 Application. (gwum.exe)
googlemaps.exe . (googlemaps.exe)
gkwuqw.exe . (gkwuqw.exe)
guarddog.exe delivered McAfee Internet Security. (guarddog.exe)
googlewebaccclient.exe from Google Web Accelerator. (googlewebaccclient.exe)

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