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Windows processes in Task Manager

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iap.exe created by OpenManage Client Instrumentation. (iap.exe)
indicatoruty.exe developed by Fujitsu Hotkey Utility. (indicatoruty.exe)
intmon.exe . (intmon.exe)
iosdt.exe created by distributed.net client. (iosdt.exe)
isbmgr.exe belongs to ISB Utility. (isbmgr.exe)
ireike.exe is delivered by SafeNet VPN Client. (ireike.exe)
ibserver.exe is created by InterBase Server. (ibserver.exe)
idriver.exe is from InstallDriver Module. (idriver.exe)
imstart.exe . (imstart.exe)
imapp.exe developed by IncrediMail. (imapp.exe)
ivpsvmgr.exe made by Software Upgrades. (ivpsvmgr.exe)
intell32.exe . (intell32.exe)
imapi.exe from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (imapi.exe)
iao.exe developed by Intel Alert Management System. (iao.exe)
inorpc.exe is created by eTrust Antivirus. (inorpc.exe)
instafinderk_inst.exe . (instafinderk_inst.exe)
isass.exe is developed by Serv-U. (isass.exe)
igfxpers.exe is created by Intel(R) Common User Interface. (igfxpers.exe)
itunes.exe is created by iTunes. (itunes.exe)
iexplorer.exe delivered QuickTime. (iexplorer.exe)
icsrv.exe . (icsrv.exe)
imontray.exe belongs to imontray Application. (imontray.exe)
ibmmessages.exe is made by Access IBM Message Center. (ibmmessages.exe)
iwctrl.exe from InstantWrite. (iwctrl.exe)
invokesvc3.exe . (invokesvc3.exe)
inst.exe from KC Setup XP Application. (inst.exe)
isstart.exe created by Logitech ImageStudio. (isstart.exe)
iu.exe . (iu.exe)
internat.exe belongs to Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating System. (internat.exe)
iedriver.exe delivered Internet Explorer Driver. (iedriver.exe)
igfxext.exe is delivered by Intel(R) Common User Interface. (igfxext.exe)
iinstall.exe . (iinstall.exe)
icserv.exe . (icserv.exe)
ioctlsvc.exe from IoctlSvc Application. (ioctlsvc.exe)
ifrmewrk.exe is delivered by Intel PROSet/Wireless. (ifrmewrk.exe)
inort.exe developed by eTrust Antivirus. (inort.exe)
imonnt.exe created by Intel(R) Active Monitor. (imonnt.exe)
ibguard.exe from InterBase Server. (ibguard.exe)
ipsecmon.exe belongs to SafeNet VPN Client. (ipsecmon.exe)
idman.exe is delivered by Internet Download Manager (IDM). (idman.exe)
ie4321.exe . (ie4321.exe)
inotask.exe delivered eTrust Antivirus. (inotask.exe)
imountsrv.exe . (imountsrv.exe)
indexsearch.exe is delivered by PaperPort. (indexsearch.exe)
ikernel.exe is made by InstallShield (R). (ikernel.exe)
ipsecs.exe . (ipsecs.exe)
intel32.exe . (intel32.exe)
icqlite.exe is created by ICQLite. (icqlite.exe)
intranet.exe belongs to prjBwBBotMailer. (intranet.exe)
init32m.exe . (init32m.exe)
ibmprc.exe from ibmprc Application. (ibmprc.exe)
inicio.exe from Inicio Programado. (inicio.exe)
iexplor.exe belongs to URLBrowser. (iexplor.exe)
isatray.exe from Microsoft(R) Internet Security and Acceleration Server. (isatray.exe)
ikeymain.exe delivered A4Tech iKeyWorks Software. (ikeymain.exe)
idrivert.exe created by InstallShield (R). (idrivert.exe)
invbn.exe . (invbn.exe)
icasserv.exe . (icasserv.exe)
id53.exe made by TODO: Product name. (id53.exe)
iehost.exe from IEHost. (iehost.exe)
ispnews.exe is made by News Service Application. (ispnews.exe)
itrc.exe . (itrc.exe)
iamapp.exe from AtGuard. (iamapp.exe)
iisvers.exe . (iisvers.exe)
iftpsvc.exe delivered Ipswitch WS_FTP Server. (iftpsvc.exe)
imnsvdem.exe . (imnsvdem.exe)
iisver.exe . (iisver.exe)
icq.exe ICQ. (icq.exe)
ibs.exe . (ibs.exe)
infoexec.exe . (infoexec.exe)
icon6560581611.exe . (icon6560581611.exe)
ihpdetect.exe is made by iHP-100 Drive Letter Searcher. (ihpdetect.exe)
incmail.exe belongs to IncrediMail. (incmail.exe)
itlknby.exe is created by TODO: Product name. (itlknby.exe)
ixapplet.exe from Camio Viewer. (ixapplet.exe)
icqnet.exe . (icqnet.exe)
iccontrol.exe . (iccontrol.exe)
icon3e5562ed.exe . (icon3e5562ed.exe)
inetkb.exe from Internet Keyboard. (inetkb.exe)
idctup20.exe . (idctup20.exe)
igfxsrvc.exe from Intel(R) Common User Interface. (igfxsrvc.exe)
intelii32.exe . (intelii32.exe)

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