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Windows processes in Task Manager

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khost.exe belongs to Secure Delivery Plug-In. (khost.exe)
kmw_show.exe . (kmw_show.exe)
kmw_run.exe KMW. (kmw_run.exe)
kav.exe from Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal. (kav.exe)
kernel32.exe . (kernel32.exe)
kmaestro.exe made by BTC Kmaestro. (kmaestro.exe)
konfabulator.exe created by Konfabulator. (konfabulator.exe)
kbdap32a.exe . (kbdap32a.exe)
kavmm.exe is from Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro. (kavmm.exe)
kazaa.exe belongs to Kazaa. (kazaa.exe)
kpf4ss.exe is made by Kerio Personal Firewall. (kpf4ss.exe)
kbdtray.exe . (kbdtray.exe)
ktchnsnk.exe . (ktchnsnk.exe)
kysvcxd.exe . (kysvcxd.exe)
kill.exe . (kill.exe)
keyacc32.exe developed by KeyServer Package. (keyacc32.exe)

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