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Windows processes in Task Manager

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lmu.exe . (lmu.exe)
ltsmmsg.exe belongs to TOSHIBA SoftModem Messaging Applet. (ltsmmsg.exe)
lckfldservice.exe is created by LckFldService. (lckfldservice.exe)
launcher.exe from RedStrike UltraWipe. (launcher.exe)
logon.exe delivered logon. (logon.exe)
livenote.exe . (livenote.exe)
lwbwheel.exe . (lwbwheel.exe)
lcfd.exe . (lcfd.exe)
lsburnwatcher.exe developed by LightScribe. (lsburnwatcher.exe)
launchpd.exe developed by ATI Multimedia Center. (launchpd.exe)
launch32.exe delivered Systems Management Server. (launch32.exe)
lucomserver_2_6.exe is delivered by LiveUpdate. (lucomserver_2_6.exe)
lxsupmon.exe developed by Lexmark Supplies Monitor. (lxsupmon.exe)
lmgrd.exe . (lmgrd.exe)
lsvchost.exe . (lsvchost.exe)
launchap.exe developed by LaunchAp Application. (launchap.exe)
lic98rmt.exe Lic. (lic98rmt.exe)
lxbrksk.exe . (lxbrksk.exe)
libsysmgr.exe . (libsysmgr.exe)
lshosts32.exe . (lshosts32.exe)
ldlcserv.exe delivered Personal Communications. (ldlcserv.exe)
launchpad.exe . (launchpad.exe)
lvhidsvc.exe belongs to TV Card. (lvhidsvc.exe)
lexplore.exe . (lexplore.exe)
lmsxxd.exe . (lmsxxd.exe)
lxblksk.exe . (lxblksk.exe)
lmonitor.exe developed by UpdateMonitor Application. (lmonitor.exe)
lxbkbmgr.exe developed by Button Manager Executable. (lxbkbmgr.exe)
loader.exe belongs to Loader. (loader.exe)
loadqm.exe is created by QMgr Loader. (loadqm.exe)
lxrsg20s.exe . (lxrsg20s.exe)
lnchr.exe is made by launcher Application. (lnchr.exe)
lanbrup.exe . (lanbrup.exe)
lsas.exe . (lsas.exe)
lsrv.exe . (lsrv.exe)
lucomserver.exe is made by LiveUpdate. (lucomserver.exe)
logmein.exe from LogMeIn. (logmein.exe)
lxbbbmgr.exe developed by Button Manager Executable. (lxbbbmgr.exe)
logonstudio.exe belongs to LogonStudio. (logonstudio.exe)
localsch.exe belongs to LANDeskŪ Management Suite. (localsch.exe)
ldserv.exe is from NetDisk. (ldserv.exe)
listproalarms.exe from ListPro. (listproalarms.exe)
lxamsp32.exe made by Lexmark shpc32.exe. (lxamsp32.exe)

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