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Windows processes in Task Manager

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mediapass.exe developed by LoaderX Module. (mediapass.exe)
mtdacq.exe delivered Metadata monitor. (mtdacq.exe)
mxtask.exe . (mxtask.exe)
monitor.exe developed by Ulead AutoDetector. (monitor.exe)
mediadet.exe belongs to Creative Disc Detector. (mediadet.exe)
msconfig.exe belongs to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (msconfig.exe)
mm_director.exe from Musicmatch Jukebox. (mm_director.exe)
mssecure.exe . (mssecure.exe)
msbb.exe from Search Assistant. (msbb.exe)
msidev.exe from jdbdev. (msidev.exe)
mcvsftsn.exe is made by McAfee VirusScan. (mcvsftsn.exe)
mscmtsrvc.exe . (mscmtsrvc.exe)
mad.exe created by Motive System. (mad.exe)
mmod.exe is delivered by mmod Module. (mmod.exe)
mpservic.exe created by Canon MultiPASS. (mpservic.exe)
motivedirectory.exe developed by Motive System. (motivedirectory.exe)
mpfagent.exe made by McAfee Personal Firewall (MPF). (mpfagent.exe)
mididef.exe is developed by Creative Audio Product. (mididef.exe)
mspn32.exe . (mspn32.exe)
matlabserver.exe . (matlabserver.exe)
msgsvr.exe belongs to Promise Message Server. (msgsvr.exe)
mstask.exe delivered Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (mstask.exe)
mcregwiz.exe is delivered by McRegWiz Module. (mcregwiz.exe)
msnavc32.exe . (msnavc32.exe)
msconfig32.exe . (msconfig32.exe)
mainserv.exe created by APC PowerChute Personal Edition. (mainserv.exe)
msscli.exe is created by McAfee AntiSpyware. (msscli.exe)
mousehs.exe . (mousehs.exe)
mgabg.exe from Matrox Graphics Inc. MGABG. (mgabg.exe)
mmjb.exe developed by MUSICMATCH Jukebox. (mmjb.exe)
mksc.exe delivered RelevantKnowledge. (mksc.exe)
mdms.exe is from MDI network manager Microsoft® Windows®. (mdms.exe)
mysqld.exe . (mysqld.exe)
mirc.exe developed by mIRC. (mirc.exe)
msthost.exe . (msthost.exe)
magickey.exe belongs to Versato Application. (magickey.exe)
mdtdev.exe is from mdtdev. (mdtdev.exe)
mm_tdmengine.exe is delivered by Track Download Manager. (mm_tdmengine.exe)
msn.exe belongs to Microsoft(R) MSN (R) Communications System. (msn.exe)
mnmsrvc.exe is developed by Windows® NetMeeting®. (mnmsrvc.exe)
mqsvc.exe developed by Microsoft Message Queue. (mqsvc.exe)
mghtml.exe is made by McAfee SecurityCenter. (mghtml.exe)
msdevcore.exe from msdevcore. (msdevcore.exe)
msmdsrv.exe made by Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. (msmdsrv.exe)
minimavis.exe is created by Mavis Beacon Personal Coach v. (minimavis.exe)
msddev.exe is delivered by msddev. (msddev.exe)
mapisp32.exe is from Microsoft Exchange. (mapisp32.exe)
myagtsvc.exe is created by McAfee® Managed VirusScan. (myagtsvc.exe)
mxoaldr.exe made by Cypress USB Mass Storage Adapter. (mxoaldr.exe)
mups.exe . (mups.exe)
mshta.exe belongs to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (mshta.exe)
mm_server.exe is created by Musicmatch Jukebox. (mm_server.exe)
msgagt.exe is made by Promise Message Agent. (msgagt.exe)
msconfg.exe . (msconfg.exe)
muamgr.exe . (muamgr.exe)
mmups.exe delivered updatingyes. (mmups.exe)
manifestengine.exe developed by Logitech QuickCam. (manifestengine.exe)
msnsvc.exe . (msnsvc.exe)
mskdetct.exe is developed by McAfee SpamKiller. (mskdetct.exe)
msssrv.exe belongs to McAfee AntiSpyware. (msssrv.exe)
mssmmspgr.exe . (mssmmspgr.exe)
mqtgsvc.exe from Microsoft Message Queue. (mqtgsvc.exe)
mcdetect.exe belongs to McAfee SecurityCenter. (mcdetect.exe)
msgrdev.exe from msgrdev. (msgrdev.exe)
mscifapp.exe delivered McAfee Privacy Service. (mscifapp.exe)
mozilla.exe is from Mozilla. (mozilla.exe)
morphstb.exe . (morphstb.exe)
mdbdev.exe is developed by mdbdev. (mdbdev.exe)
msimn.exe is from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (msimn.exe)
mswmcls.exe belongs to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (mswmcls.exe)
memturbo.exe made by MemTurbo Application. (memturbo.exe)
mctskshd.exe delivered McAfee SecurityCenter. (mctskshd.exe)
matlab.exe made by MATLAB. (matlab.exe)
msagent.exe . (msagent.exe)
mlg1.exe is made by Project. (mlg1.exe)
mcappins.exe is from McAfee Application Installer. (mcappins.exe)
mnybbsvc.exe from Microsoft(R) Money. (mnybbsvc.exe)
msoffice.exe made by Microsoft Office XP. (msoffice.exe)
macname.exe made by MacOpener. (macname.exe)
msmbw.exe . (msmbw.exe)
msmsgv.exe . (msmsgv.exe)
msvcmm32.exe is developed by Movielink LLC. - Movielink Manager. (msvcmm32.exe)
msn6.exe delivered Microsoft(R) MSN (R) Communications System. (msn6.exe)
mcupdmgr.exe made by McAfee SecurityCenter Update Manager. (mcupdmgr.exe)
micront.exe . (micront.exe)
mstcs.exe . (mstcs.exe)
msblast.exe . (msblast.exe)
mpci.exe . (mpci.exe)
msoobe.exe from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (msoobe.exe)
mcafee32.exe . (mcafee32.exe)
mmtray2k.exe . (mmtray2k.exe)
msveup.exe . (msveup.exe)
msniasvc.exe is developed by MSN® Internet Access. (msniasvc.exe)
mdmdev.exe delivered mdmdev. (mdmdev.exe)
msnaccel.exe from AcceleNet. (msnaccel.exe)
msoicons.exe . (msoicons.exe)
mnyexpr.exe belongs to Microsoft® MSN Money Deluxe. (mnyexpr.exe)
mlservice.exe created by Mooodlogic. (mlservice.exe)
mouse.exe . (mouse.exe)
msdcdev.exe is developed by msdcdev. (msdcdev.exe)
mostat.exe from sostatatl Module. (mostat.exe)
misc.exe . (misc.exe)
mmerefresh.exe is developed by Digidesign MME Binder. (mmerefresh.exe)
msrpc32.exe . (msrpc32.exe)
maximizer_startup.exe belongs to Maximizer Startup. (maximizer_startup.exe)
mssvc.exe . (mssvc.exe)
mddiskprotect.exe is delivered by Mediafour MacDrive. (mddiskprotect.exe)
miasvc.exe . (miasvc.exe)
msbntray.exe developed by Microsoft Broadband Networking Software. (msbntray.exe)
minitb2.exe from Timbuktu Pro for Windows. (minitb2.exe)
msi.exe . (msi.exe)
mgsysctrl.exe developed by MGSysCtrl Application. (mgsysctrl.exe)
msusb32.exe . (msusb32.exe)
mssoi32.exe . (mssoi32.exe)

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