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Windows processes in Task Manager

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nmain.exe is created by Symantec Integrator. (nmain.exe)
n20050308.exe . (n20050308.exe)
notifyphonebook.exe . (notifyphonebook.exe)
nicserv.exe . (nicserv.exe)
ntrtscan.exe made by Trend Micro OfficeScan. (ntrtscan.exe)
netsync.exe . (netsync.exe)
netdde.exe made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (netdde.exe)
nvrtclk.exe is developed by rtclk Application. (nvrtclk.exe)
nvsc32.exe . (nvsc32.exe)
ntfsnlpa.exe . (ntfsnlpa.exe)
nls.exe from NAVISearch Module. (nls.exe)
nisserv.exe is made by Norton Internet Security. (nisserv.exe)
nsvcip.exe from NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager. (nsvcip.exe)
nutsrv4.exe delivered NuTCRACKER. (nutsrv4.exe)
notepad.exe is from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (notepad.exe)
nisum.exe is from Norton Internet Security. (nisum.exe)
nbj.exe developed by Nero BackItUp Scheduler. (nbj.exe)
ntddetect.exe . (ntddetect.exe)
nicconfigsvc.exe belongs to NicConfigSvc. (nicconfigsvc.exe)
netscp.exe belongs to Mozilla. (netscp.exe)
nvmixertray.exe from NVIDIA® NVMixer. (nvmixertray.exe)
netdaemon.exe created by net daemon. (netdaemon.exe)
nkvmon.exe developed by Nikon Monitor. (nkvmon.exe)
nulware.exe made by Nulware. (nulware.exe)
nsvclog.exe made by NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager. (nsvclog.exe)
ndstray.exe from ConfigFree(TM) Tray. (ndstray.exe)
nkbmonitor.exe is developed by PictureProject Monitor. (nkbmonitor.exe)
nod32kui.exe is made by NOD32 Antivirus System. (nod32kui.exe)
nsl.exe is made by IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. (nsl.exe)
naldaemn.exe . (naldaemn.exe)
nsctop.exe created by Symantec System Center. (nsctop.exe)
njeeves.exe . (njeeves.exe)
netsvc.exe belongs to Intel(R) Network Configuration Services. (netsvc.exe)
navapw32.exe is delivered by Norton AntiVirus. (navapw32.exe)
nwtray.exe made by Novell Client for Windows. (nwtray.exe)
naimas32.exe from ePolicy Orchestrator. (naimas32.exe)
nmapserv.exe developed by NMapWin. (nmapserv.exe)
nsvcappflt.exe made by app_filter Module. (nsvcappflt.exe)
nhldaemn.exe . (nhldaemn.exe)
netddeclnt.exe . (netddeclnt.exe)
nhuninstaller.exe . (nhuninstaller.exe)
ntmulti.exe is from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. (ntmulti.exe)
nzspc.exe from NetZero Browser Search Enhancements. (nzspc.exe)
navw32.exe is delivered by Norton AntiVirus. (navw32.exe)
nipalsm.exe developed by NIPALSM. (nipalsm.exe)
ngctw32.exe is delivered by Symantec Ghost Enterprise. (ngctw32.exe)
named.exe is created by TreeWalk. (named.exe)
nxdlghlp.exe delivered ExplorerPlus. (nxdlghlp.exe)
nslo.exe . (nslo.exe)
newshortcut1_5221ccab553e4e63b6fd56674a376d04_1.exe is made by InstallShield DevStudio. (newshortcut1_5221ccab553e4e63b6fd56674a376d04_1.exe)
ngpw36.exe is from ngpw. (ngpw36.exe)
naturalcolorload.exe from NaturalColorLoad. (naturalcolorload.exe)
netpumperieproxy.exe is developed by NetPumper. (netpumperieproxy.exe)
netlimiter.exe is developed by LockTime NetLimiter. (netlimiter.exe)
newtd.exe from Tenable NeWT. (newtd.exe)
netdc.exe . (netdc.exe)
netsurf.exe belongs to Internet Desktop Application. (netsurf.exe)
nzipnn.exe . (nzipnn.exe)
nipsvc.exe belongs to Norman Antivirus. (nipsvc.exe)
ntsf.exe . (ntsf.exe)
navapqwa.exe . (navapqwa.exe)
navwindows.exe . (navwindows.exe)
nvsvc.exe . (nvsvc.exe)
nslsvice.exe from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. (nslsvice.exe)
nhostsvc.exe created by NetOp Remote Control. (nhostsvc.exe)
newsleecher.exe . (newsleecher.exe)
ncoeenv.exe . (ncoeenv.exe)
ntconsolejava.exe . (ntconsolejava.exe)
nvatray.exe is created by NVIDIA® nForce(TM) Audio Driver. (nvatray.exe)
nakido.exe . (nakido.exe)
nec.exe . (nec.exe)
ninfoie.exe . (ninfoie.exe)
netmeter.exe delivered NetMeter. (netmeter.exe)
ntupd32.exe delivered ntupd. (ntupd32.exe)
nc.exe . (nc.exe)
ntpd.exe . (ntpd.exe)
ntaskldr.exe is created by IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. (ntaskldr.exe)
newsupd.exe belongs to Creative News Engine. (newsupd.exe)
netcfgsv.exe created by NetCfgSvr Module. (netcfgsv.exe)
nielsenonline.exe is from NetMeter. (nielsenonline.exe)

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