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Windows processes in Task Manager

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opwarese2.exe is from OmniPage SE. (opwarese2.exe)
ofcdog.exe created by Trend Micro OfficeScan. (ofcdog.exe)
ofps.exe . (ofps.exe)
osoa.exe . (osoa.exe)
ose.exe is made by Office Source Engine. (ose.exe)
ofcpfwsvc.exe created by Trend Micro OfficeScan. (ofcpfwsvc.exe)
oasclnt.exe belongs to McAfee VirusScan. (oasclnt.exe)
omniscient.exe . (omniscient.exe)
oprotsvc.exe made by Intel PROSet/Wireless. (oprotsvc.exe)
ocraware.exe made by OmniPage Limited Edition. (ocraware.exe)
opera.exe is made by Opera Internet Browser. (opera.exe)
omtsreco.exe is created by Oracle MTS Recovery Service. (omtsreco.exe)
ocrawr32.exe delivered OmniPage Limited Edition. (ocrawr32.exe)
othb.exe . (othb.exe)
outicon.exe . (outicon.exe)
osdmenu.exe is delivered by Creative Mediasource Remote Control System. (osdmenu.exe)
objectdock.exe belongs to Stardock ObjectDock. (objectdock.exe)
opensite.exe made by opensite. (opensite.exe)
onenotem.exe is developed by Microsoft Office OneNote. (onenotem.exe)
opscan.exe created by Norton AntiVirus. (opscan.exe)
opware12.exe created by OmniPage Pro. (opware12.exe)
oespamtest.exe is delivered by Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal for Outlook. (oespamtest.exe)
opware14.exe is from OmniPage Pro. (opware14.exe)
ossproxy.exe made by Marketscore Internet Accelerator (OSSProxy). (ossproxy.exe)
oemreset.exe belongs to OemReset. (oemreset.exe)
outpostupdate.exe . (outpostupdate.exe)
onetouchmon.exe is delivered by OneTouch Module. (onetouchmon.exe)
ogrc.exe . (ogrc.exe)
ophaldcs.exe is developed by OKI DCS Loader. (ophaldcs.exe)
olregcap.exe made by Quicken Online Backup. (olregcap.exe)
open32.exe . (open32.exe)

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