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Windows processes in Task Manager

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pelmiced.exe delivered MouseSuite. (pelmiced.exe)
prevadserv.exe . (prevadserv.exe)
popuper.exe is delivered by Popuper Application. (popuper.exe)
pptd40nt.exe developed by PaperPort. (pptd40nt.exe)
powers.exe developed by prolink test. (powers.exe)
pop3trap.exe belongs to Trend Pc-cillin. (pop3trap.exe)
pnxservr.exe . (pnxservr.exe)
powerkey.exe delivered Acer Powerkey. (powerkey.exe)
paamsrv.exe . (paamsrv.exe)
pronomgr.exe is delivered by Intel(R) Network Configuration Services. (pronomgr.exe)
pokapoka63.exe . (pokapoka63.exe)
prevadkeep.exe . (prevadkeep.exe)
picappsrv.exe made by Photo Application Server. (picappsrv.exe)
pmproxy.exe belongs to adi PmProxy. (pmproxy.exe)
pgptray.exe PGP. (pgptray.exe)
pavprot.exe is created by PavProt Application. (pavprot.exe)
pcclient.exe delivered Trend Pc-cillin. (pcclient.exe)
prutqct.exe . (prutqct.exe)
powermenu.exe from PowerMenu. (powermenu.exe)
pccntmon.exe is developed by Trend Micro OfficeScan. (pccntmon.exe)
ptcore.exe . (ptcore.exe)
passrv.exe . (passrv.exe)
profiler.exe developed by Configuration Software. (profiler.exe)
partseal.exe is from PartSeal Application. (partseal.exe)
pavfires.exe from Internet Security Technologies. (pavfires.exe)
pccpfw.exe from Trend Pc-cillin. (pccpfw.exe)
ptluworker.exe . (ptluworker.exe)
pg2.exe is delivered by PeerGuardian. (pg2.exe)
ppcontrol.exe delivered PestPatrol. (ppcontrol.exe)
pavproxy.exe developed by Mail Resident. (pavproxy.exe)
pmremind.exe is developed by PrintMaster. (pmremind.exe)
playlist.exe created by AudioCentral Media Manager. (playlist.exe)
psngive.exe belongs to Post-it(R) Software Notes. (psngive.exe)
pgpserv.exe is delivered by PGPsdk. (pgpserv.exe)
pcsync.exe . (pcsync.exe)
psoft1.exe . (psoft1.exe)
psfree.exe delivered Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition. (psfree.exe)
pcfmgr.exe delivered PowerPanel. (pcfmgr.exe)
pccntupd.exe is developed by Trend Micro OfficeScan. (pccntupd.exe)
pokapoka65.exe . (pokapoka65.exe)
pgpsdkserv.exe is developed by PGPsdk. (pgpsdkserv.exe)
pavprsrv.exe from PandaShield. (pavprsrv.exe)
procmsg.exe . (procmsg.exe)
ppwebcap.exe is created by PaperPort. (ppwebcap.exe)
pacis.exe . (pacis.exe)
preodm.exe . (preodm.exe)
ppremoteservice.exe made by eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition. (ppremoteservice.exe)
postcopy.exe from PostCopy Application. (postcopy.exe)
pddlghlp.exe is made by PowerDesk. (pddlghlp.exe)
p6.exe . (p6.exe)
photoappsrv.exe is made by VAIO Media Photo Server. (photoappsrv.exe)
packager.exe is from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (packager.exe)
pingppac.exe . (pingppac.exe)
protowall.exe made by ProtoWall®. (protowall.exe)
psguard.exe made by PSGuard Application. (psguard.exe)
psof1.exe . (psof1.exe)
padexe.exe is from PadTouch. (padexe.exe)
paytime.exe . (paytime.exe)
pccclient.exe created by Trend Pc-cillin. (pccclient.exe)
pctptt.exe is delivered by PCTPTT.EXE. (pctptt.exe)
p_981116.exe made by Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating System. (p_981116.exe)
proxy.exe is made by GhostSurf. (proxy.exe)
pgtaff.exe . (pgtaff.exe)
pavsrv51.exe delivered Panda Antivirus. (pavsrv51.exe)
portreporter.exe . (portreporter.exe)
printkey2000.exe developed by PrintKey. (printkey2000.exe)
pas8_update.exe is created by Update. (pas8_update.exe)
pcsync2.exe developed by PC Sync. (pcsync2.exe)
plguni.exe created by QuickClean. (plguni.exe)
pdesk.exe developed by Matrox PDesk. (pdesk.exe)
pruttct.exe . (pruttct.exe)
ppshared.exe belongs to PPShared Module. (ppshared.exe)
pgaccount.exe is from ProcessGuard User Alerting Application. (pgaccount.exe)
picpmon.exe . (picpmon.exe)
perfcl.exe . (perfcl.exe)
pcscm.exe is from Personal Communications. (pcscm.exe)
pshwr.exe . (pshwr.exe)
plook.exe delivered plook Application. (plook.exe)
persfw.exe is developed by Kerio Personal Firewall. (persfw.exe)
promon.exe made by Intel(R) PROMonitor. (promon.exe)
ptssvc.exe developed by KODAK PTS service. (ptssvc.exe)
pokapoka66.exe . (pokapoka66.exe)
pcs_agnt.exe is developed by Personal Communications. (pcs_agnt.exe)
ps1.exe . (ps1.exe)
pdfsaver.exe created by PDF-XChange pdfSaver. (pdfsaver.exe)
prositefinder.exe . (prositefinder.exe)
prtg4.exe is developed by PRTG Traffic Grapher. (prtg4.exe)
ppactivedetection.exe made by eTrust PestPatrol. (ppactivedetection.exe)
pxagent.exe is made by Prevx Home. (pxagent.exe)
ptech.exe . (ptech.exe)
palstart.exe . (palstart.exe)
protect.exe is created by System Sentry. (protect.exe)
pnetaware.exe . (pnetaware.exe)
precisiontime.exe developed by PrecisionTime. (precisiontime.exe)
proxomitron.exe belongs to Proxomitron. (proxomitron.exe)
pavkre.exe is made by PavKre Aplicación. (pavkre.exe)
psimsvc.exe made by Panda Antivirus. (psimsvc.exe)
pcbooster.exe is created by PCBooster Application. (pcbooster.exe)
popupstopper.exe is created by System Mechanic ®. (popupstopper.exe)
prot_srv.exe . (prot_srv.exe)
pa.exe PA. (pa.exe)
procexp.exe is made by Process Explorer. (procexp.exe)
pdfsaver3.exe developed by PDF-XChange 3.0: pdfSaver by Tracker Software Products Ltd. (pdfsaver3.exe)
prismsta.exe is created by PRISM Wireless LAN. (prismsta.exe)
procguard.exe is created by ProcessGuard. (procguard.exe)
pv92tray.exe created by PTV92Tray Application. (pv92tray.exe)
personalmoneytree.exe is from Personal Money Tree. (personalmoneytree.exe)
pol.exe made by PlayOnline Viewer. (pol.exe)

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