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Windows processes in Task Manager

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r_server.exe created by Remote Administrator v. (r_server.exe)
reboot.exe belongs to Win32 Setup-Execute. (reboot.exe)
rxmon.exe from AudioCentral Media Manager. (rxmon.exe)
rraut.exe from wantblue. (rraut.exe)
rnathchk.exe belongs to RealOne Player (32-bit). (rnathchk.exe)
radio.exe . (radio.exe)
residence.exe is developed by Residence ?????????. (residence.exe)
run.exe developed by runSecretSmileys. (run.exe)
rpcnet.exe made by CompuTrace Plus. (rpcnet.exe)
raagtx.exe is made by WebEx raagtx. (raagtx.exe)
res.exe delivered ali usb. (res.exe)
regmanserv.exe created by WinCleaner Complete PC Care Version. (regmanserv.exe)
rpen.exe . (rpen.exe)
rsvp.exe created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (rsvp.exe)
ragnarok.exe . (ragnarok.exe)
realmon.exe is delivered by eTrust Antivirus. (realmon.exe)
rrup.exe . (rrup.exe)
realtime.exe belongs to realtime. (realtime.exe)
rm_sv.exe developed by Giga Pocket. (rm_sv.exe)
robotaskbaricon.exe belongs to RoboForm. (robotaskbaricon.exe)
rtmservice.exe from Remote Task Manager. (rtmservice.exe)
rlvknlg.exe is developed by RelevantKnowledge. (rlvknlg.exe)
razerhid.exe developed by Razer HID. (razerhid.exe)
roammgr.exe . (roammgr.exe)
raid_tool.exe made by VIA RAID Tool. (raid_tool.exe)
regsvr.exe . (regsvr.exe)
rainlendar.exe is created by Rainlendar. (rainlendar.exe)
reg.exe is developed by Reg Application. (reg.exe)
rulaunch.exe from McAfee Instant Updater. (rulaunch.exe)
rpcss_pl.exe created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (rpcss_pl.exe)
remhelp.exe . (remhelp.exe)
rcsched.exe . (rcsched.exe)
richup.exe . (richup.exe)
removecpl.exe from Belkin Wireless Setup Utility. (removecpl.exe)
ram_xp.exe from RAM Idle Professional. (ram_xp.exe)
rfagent.exe delivered Registry First Aid. (rfagent.exe)
richvideo.exe is from RichVideo Module. (richvideo.exe)
rrpcsb.exe is from rrpcsb Module. (rrpcsb.exe)
rtlwake.exe from RtlWake Application. (rtlwake.exe)
regedit.exe made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (regedit.exe)
registryrepairpro.exe delivered Windows Registry Repair Pro. (registryrepairpro.exe)
radiosvr.exe made by RadioSvr Module. (radiosvr.exe)
rpcapd.exe created by Remote Packet Capture Daemon. (rpcapd.exe)
rundll16.exe . (rundll16.exe)
runoledb32.exe . (runoledb32.exe)
rasautou.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (rasautou.exe)
runxmlpl.exe created by Wistron RunXMLPL. (runxmlpl.exe)
rcserv.exe . (rcserv.exe)
rcscheduler.exe is created by Registry Clean Expert. (rcscheduler.exe)
regtool.exe developed by Pixie Licensing and Registration. (regtool.exe)
regsvc.exe delivered RegSvc. (regsvc.exe)
razerofa.exe made by Razer OFA. (razerofa.exe)
razertra.exe created by Razer Customizer Tray Application. (razertra.exe)
realevent.exe belongs to RealOne Player (32-bit). (realevent.exe)
regmech.exe from Registry Mechanic. (regmech.exe)
recoverfromreboot.exe is created by RecoverFromReboot Application. (recoverfromreboot.exe)
regclean.exe from Registry Cleaner. (regclean.exe)
rdpssw32.exe . (rdpssw32.exe)
registration.exe created by Corel Corporation Registration. (registration.exe)
retroexpress.exe is created by Retrospect Express HD. (retroexpress.exe)
remoteagent.exe delivered RemoteAgent. (remoteagent.exe)
rdtask.exe delivered RDTask ????. (rdtask.exe)
rmadec.exe . (rmadec.exe)
rpcsandrasrv.exe is created by SiSoftware Sandra 2005.SR1a. (rpcsandrasrv.exe)

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