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Windows processes in Task Manager

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ssk.exe . (ssk.exe)
skype.exe created by Skype. (skype.exe)
shicoxp.exe . (shicoxp.exe)
sv_httpd.exe is created by SV_Httpd.exe. (sv_httpd.exe)
sdpasvc.exe . (sdpasvc.exe)
sk9910dm.exe . (sk9910dm.exe)
satmat.exe . (satmat.exe)
saap.exe belongs to Search Assistant. (saap.exe)
shwicon.exe from shwicon. (shwicon.exe)
ssoftsrv.exe delivered Cryptainer. (ssoftsrv.exe)
srvload.exe delivered Panda Platinum Internet Security. (srvload.exe)
schedul2.exe from Acronis Scheduler. (schedul2.exe)
sysmonnt.exe is from SysMon. (sysmonnt.exe)
shotkey.exe is made by Chicony HOTKEY Driver for WinXP MCE. (shotkey.exe)
schedhlp.exe is developed by Acronis Scheduler Helper. (schedhlp.exe)
spyprotector.exe from Spy Protector. (spyprotector.exe)
setup.exe ICE. (setup.exe)
setpoint.exe is developed by Logitech SetPoint. (setpoint.exe)
saismart.exe is delivered by SaiSmart Application. (saismart.exe)
savroam.exe created by Symantec SAVRoam. (savroam.exe)
searchupgrader.exe is from SearchUpgrader. (searchupgrader.exe)
svshost.exe . (svshost.exe)
slrundll.exe is from Soft Modem. (slrundll.exe)
symproxysvc.exe delivered Norton Internet Security. (symproxysvc.exe)
skdaemon.exe is created by SkDaemon Application. (skdaemon.exe)
scvhost.exe delivered explorer. (scvhost.exe)
sndcfg16.exe . (sndcfg16.exe)
swdoctor.exe belongs to Spyware Doctor. (swdoctor.exe)
ssonsvr.exe is created by Citrix ICA Client. (ssonsvr.exe)
seeve.exe pop. (seeve.exe)
statusclient.exe is developed by Hewlett-Packard T-TR Status Client. (statusclient.exe)
stylexp.exe delivered StyleXP Application. (stylexp.exe)
shadowbar.exe from ShadowBar Module. (shadowbar.exe)
swagent.exe from McAfee® VirusScan ASaP. (swagent.exe)
stdsb.exe . (stdsb.exe)
ssms.exe . (ssms.exe)
syncor.exe made by SynthCore. (syncor.exe)
sr_service.exe belongs to desktop. (sr_service.exe)
servicelayer.exe developed by Nokia Connectivity Library. (servicelayer.exe)
spoolsrv32.exe . (spoolsrv32.exe)
svcproc.exe . (svcproc.exe)
spybotsd.exe from SpyBot-S&D. (spybotsd.exe)
sgbhp.exe is delivered by SG Browser Hijacking Protection. (sgbhp.exe)
system32.exe created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (system32.exe)
schsvr.exe belongs to InterVideo(R) WinDVR. (schsvr.exe)
sssvr.exe made by VAIO Media Music Server. (sssvr.exe)
scardsvr.exe is delivered by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (scardsvr.exe)
sonytray.exe created by SonyTray.exe. (sonytray.exe)
spysub.exe from SpySubtract. (spysub.exe)
servudaemon.exe is made by Serv-U. (servudaemon.exe)
sfmgr.exe is made by Brazil r/s. (sfmgr.exe)
snoopfreesvc.exe . (snoopfreesvc.exe)
smtray.exe is developed by SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio. (smtray.exe)
svchosts.exe developed by svchost. (svchosts.exe)
stickies.exe delivered Stickies. (stickies.exe)
sxplog32.exe is from Software Delivery. (sxplog32.exe)
sointgr.exe . (sointgr.exe)
shstat.exe made by VirusScan Enterprise. (shstat.exe)
sapisvr.exe developed by Microsoft® Windows(TM) Operating System. (sapisvr.exe)
shareaza.exe is created by Shareaza. (shareaza.exe)
spmgr.exe developed by Sony Power Management. (spmgr.exe)
slserves.exe . (slserves.exe)
search.exe is from WhenUSearch. (search.exe)
sysnet.exe . (sysnet.exe)
spamsubtract.exe from SpamSubtract from interMute. (spamsubtract.exe)
scardclnt.exe . (scardclnt.exe)
sgmain.exe from SpywareGuard. (sgmain.exe)
sahagent.exe from ShopAtHomeSelect SahAgent. (sahagent.exe)
simailproxyserver.exe is developed by siMailProxyServer. (simailproxyserver.exe)
smoothview.exe belongs to TOSHIBA Zooming Utility. (smoothview.exe)
seticon.exe made by SMSC USB97C210 Custom Icons Application. (seticon.exe)
sealmon.exe from SealedMedia Unsealer. (sealmon.exe)
smax4.exe delivered SoundMAX Control Panel. (smax4.exe)
sshd.exe delivered OpenSSH Services for HP Systems Insight Manager 3.7.1p1-. (sshd.exe)
sispamfilterengine.exe is from siSpamFilterEngine. (sispamfilterengine.exe)
sixtypopsix.exe pop. (sixtypopsix.exe)
spamsub.exe is delivered by SpamSubtract. (spamsub.exe)
spmd.exe from Software Protection Management System. (spmd.exe)
s3k_autoupdate.exe is developed by Project. (s3k_autoupdate.exe)
server.exe is from Pinnacle STUDIO PCTV. (server.exe)
smceman.exe delivered Sony TV Tuner Library. (smceman.exe)
scvvhost.exe . (scvvhost.exe)
startup.exe created by Startup Application. (startup.exe)
ssscsisv.exe developed by SonicStage. (ssscsisv.exe)
spnsrvnt.exe is from Sentinel UltraPro. (spnsrvnt.exe)
soffice.exe . (soffice.exe)
spoolsvc.exe . (spoolsvc.exe)
sagent4.exe from EPSON Bi-directional Printer. (sagent4.exe)
sqlmangr.exe belongs to Microsoft SQL Server. (sqlmangr.exe)
sptisrv.exe from SPTISRV Module. (sptisrv.exe)
syscheckbop32.exe is made by SysCheckBop. (syscheckbop32.exe)
spkrmon.exe made by spkrmon Module. (spkrmon.exe)
ssbkgdupdate.exe developed by SSBkgdUpdate Application. (ssbkgdupdate.exe)
sstray.exe is created by NVIDIA nForce(TM). (sstray.exe)
saie.exe from Search Assistant. (saie.exe)
swsoc.exe is developed by DataDirect SequeLink. (swsoc.exe)
sifxinst.exe developed by PC Updater. (sifxinst.exe)
security.exe . (security.exe)
slpservice.exe is made by Smart Label Printer. (slpservice.exe)
syshost.exe . (syshost.exe)
sndwarn.exe from SymNetDrv. (sndwarn.exe)
sunasdtserv.exe delivered CounterSpy. (sunasdtserv.exe)
scmsg.exe . (scmsg.exe)
stillmnt.exe . (stillmnt.exe)
spyhunter.exe is delivered by SpyHunter. (spyhunter.exe)
sf.exe . (sf.exe)
spysheriff.exe . (spysheriff.exe)
speedupmypc.exe developed by SpeedUpMyPC Trial. (speedupmypc.exe)
sethook.exe is created by MediaFACE. (sethook.exe)
snoopfreeui.exe delivered SnoopFree Privacy Shield. (snoopfreeui.exe)
scrtkfg.exe . (scrtkfg.exe)
stopsignav.exe is made by Stop-Sign Threat Scanner. (stopsignav.exe)
startupguard.exe from System Mechanic ®. (startupguard.exe)
slagent.exe belongs to ScriptLogic / DesktopAuthority. (slagent.exe)
sunasserv.exe is developed by CounterSpy. (sunasserv.exe)
speedfan.exe is delivered by SpeedFan. (speedfan.exe)
switpa.exe . (switpa.exe)
savedump.exe from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (savedump.exe)
scrfs.exe belongs to Symbian Connect. (scrfs.exe)
sysupudt.exe . (sysupudt.exe)
ssrunscript.exe . (ssrunscript.exe)
swsys.exe . (swsys.exe)
svcmm32.exe is made by n-lite.com. (svcmm32.exe)
smsapm32.exe belongs to Systems Management Server. (smsapm32.exe)
sp2update.exe developed by sp2update. (sp2update.exe)
stacsrv.exe belongs to StacSrv Module. (stacsrv.exe)
softmon.exe from LANDesk® Management Suite. (softmon.exe)
svphost.exe . (svphost.exe)
svohost.exe . (svohost.exe)
systime.exe . (systime.exe)
sync.exe belongs to ClockSync. (sync.exe)
setrefresh.exe developed by SetRefresh. (setrefresh.exe)
spools.exe delivered Norton Internet Security Service. (spools.exe)
sysmon32.exe . (sysmon32.exe)
svhostcs32.exe . (svhostcs32.exe)
smsc.exe . (smsc.exe)
systeminfos.exe . (systeminfos.exe)
secure.exe is from Redirect Application. (secure.exe)
svcmgr32.exe . (svcmgr32.exe)
status.exe . (status.exe)
sksmaild.exe . (sksmaild.exe)
switpb.exe . (switpb.exe)
svchst.exe . (svchst.exe)
svchost32.exe . (svchost32.exe)
slee81.exe developed by Steganos Security Suite. (slee81.exe)
shpc32.exe is developed by Lexmark shpc32.exe. (shpc32.exe)
smproxy.exe from EarthLink TotalAccess. (smproxy.exe)
servic.exe . (servic.exe)
s3hotkey.exe is developed by S3 Graphics, Inc. S3Hotkey. (s3hotkey.exe)
systray.exe made by systray. (systray.exe)
starzd.exe . (starzd.exe)
sfita.exe . (sfita.exe)
sp_swins.exe is developed by sp_SWIns Module. (sp_swins.exe)
shwserv.exe is developed by shwserv Module. (shwserv.exe)
svmhost.exe is from Installer. (svmhost.exe)
smsmon32.exe is developed by Systems Management Server. (smsmon32.exe)
scannerfinder.exe is made by SDII Application. (scannerfinder.exe)
saimon.exe belongs to Configuration Software. (saimon.exe)
scrgrd.exe . (scrgrd.exe)
symcsvc.exe . (symcsvc.exe)
scheduled.exe . (scheduled.exe)
sataraid.exe is created by SATARaid. (sataraid.exe)
sysocmgr.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (sysocmgr.exe)
scagent.exe . (scagent.exe)
sqldata1.exe . (sqldata1.exe)
syslog32.exe . (syslog32.exe)
smssu.exe . (smssu.exe)
spool.exe . (spool.exe)
start.exe is created by Director MX. (start.exe)
srng.exe . (srng.exe)
srunner.exe . (srunner.exe)
slsk.exe belongs to SoulSeek Network Client. (slsk.exe)
smsss.exe . (smsss.exe)
sesmgr.exe . (sesmgr.exe)
systemp.exe . (systemp.exe)
sndvol32.exe is from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (sndvol32.exe)
stcloader.exe created by Loader. (stcloader.exe)
svctrg.exe . (svctrg.exe)
sp2ctr.exe . (sp2ctr.exe)
sysdxvid.exe . (sysdxvid.exe)
shch.exe . (shch.exe)
sammp32.exe is delivered by semmp. (sammp32.exe)
serials3k.exe delivered Project. (serials3k.exe)
stubinstaller5975.exe is created by 180solutions Client Installer. (stubinstaller5975.exe)
sktempdm.exe . (sktempdm.exe)
sysobj.exe . (sysobj.exe)
slserver.exe . (slserver.exe)
stsystra.exe belongs to C-Major Audio. (stsystra.exe)
srai.exe . (srai.exe)
services32.exe . (services32.exe)
softmngr.exe is made by Cloanto Software Manager. (softmngr.exe)
sr_gui.exe from desktop. (sr_gui.exe)
sysupdate.exe . (sysupdate.exe)
spoolsv32.exe . (spoolsv32.exe)
sbinst.exe developed by Hotbar Spam Blocker. (sbinst.exe)
spool32.exe . (spool32.exe)
svhosts.exe . (svhosts.exe)
snapple.exe . (snapple.exe)
skinkers.exe is created by Skinkers. (skinkers.exe)
safe.exe is from Steganos Security Suite. (safe.exe)
sw20.exe from sw20 Application. (sw20.exe)
svxhost.exe . (svxhost.exe)
securitycenter.exe is created by SecurityCenter. (securitycenter.exe)
sd3service.exe . (sd3service.exe)
suss.exe from Microsoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating System. (suss.exe)

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