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Windows processes in Task Manager

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tvm.exe . (tvm.exe)
tabuserw.exe is delivered by Wacom Technology, Corp. TABUSERW. (tabuserw.exe)
tbmon.exe belongs to TalkBack Monitor. (tbmon.exe)
tfncky.exe is from TFncKy. (tfncky.exe)
tdispvol.exe from TDispVol. (tdispvol.exe)
tcaudiag.exe is developed by TouchDown Application. (tcaudiag.exe)
trcboot.exe developed by Personal Communications. (trcboot.exe)
trueimagemonitor.exe is developed by Acronis True Image. (trueimagemonitor.exe)
triggag.exe is made by Unicenter Software Delivery. (triggag.exe)
tpscrex.exe is made by ThinkPad UltraZoom. (tpscrex.exe)
tmesbs32.exe made by TOSHIBA Mobile Extension Slim Select Bay Service. (tmesbs32.exe)
tmerzctl.exe belongs to TOSHIBA TMERzCtl. (tmerzctl.exe)
totrecsched.exe belongs to Total Recorder. (totrecsched.exe)
tvs_b.exe . (tvs_b.exe)
tivotransfer.exe is delivered by TiVo Desktop. (tivotransfer.exe)
time.exe . (time.exe)
tmeejme.exe belongs to TMEEJME. (tmeejme.exe)
tlntsvr.exe is delivered by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (tlntsvr.exe)
tpsmain.exe is delivered by TOSHIBA Power Saver. (tpsmain.exe)
tpscrlk.exe . (tpscrlk.exe)
touched.exe is made by TouchPad On/Off Utility. (touched.exe)
tmpfw.exe from Trend Network Security Component. (tmpfw.exe)
tsl2.exe TSA. (tsl2.exe)
tivobeacon.exe created by TiVo Desktop. (tivobeacon.exe)
tpshocks.exe developed by n/a TpShocks. (tpshocks.exe)
thotkey.exe belongs to THotkey. (thotkey.exe)
twatdog.exe belongs to TWatDog Application. (twatdog.exe)
tsircusr.exe delivered LapLink. (tsircusr.exe)
tpwrtray.exe from TOSHIBA Power Saver. (tpwrtray.exe)
tnbutil.exe is delivered by F-Secure Try & Buy Utility. (tnbutil.exe)
thirtydaytimer.exe . (thirtydaytimer.exe)
tmesrv31.exe delivered TOSHIBA MobileExtension Service. (tmesrv31.exe)
trayserver.exe is delivered by TrayServer. (trayserver.exe)
tnslsnr.exe . (tnslsnr.exe)
trirot.exe made by Trirot. (trirot.exe)
tibs3.exe . (tibs3.exe)
tptray.exe is delivered by TPTray Application. (tptray.exe)
toshkcw.exe delivered Wireless Hotkey. (toshkcw.exe)
trueweather.exe is from TrueWeather. (trueweather.exe)
tpkmapap.exe developed by Keyboard Customizer. (tpkmapap.exe)
taskmgn.exe . (taskmgn.exe)
tbctray.exe developed by Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(tm). (tbctray.exe)
tvnow.exe belongs to TvNow. (tvnow.exe)
textextractor.exe . (textextractor.exe)
teamspeak.exe is delivered by TeamSpeak 2 Client. (teamspeak.exe)
trjscan.exe created by Trojan Scanner. (trjscan.exe)
tbinst.exe . (tbinst.exe)
tizzletalk.exe belongs to TizzleTalk. (tizzletalk.exe)
tsm2.exe TSA. (tsm2.exe)
tmntsrv32.exe . (tmntsrv32.exe)
task.exe . (task.exe)
toscdspd.exe belongs to CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer. (toscdspd.exe)
tp4ex.exe belongs to IBM TrackPoint Accessibility Features. (tp4ex.exe)
tpchrsrv.exe . (tpchrsrv.exe)
teks_service.exe delivered DynTek ProductivIT. (teks_service.exe)
tapbutt.exe developed by TapButt. (tapbutt.exe)
thunderbird.exe belongs to Thunderbird. (thunderbird.exe)
tblmouse.exe delivered Tblmouse. (tblmouse.exe)
tardisnt.exe is from Tardis 2000 V. (tardisnt.exe)
tibs5.exe . (tibs5.exe)
ttuh.exe . (ttuh.exe)
tmcsvc.exe belongs to LANDesk® Management Suite. (tmcsvc.exe)
tsadbot.exe is delivered by Conducent AdGateway. (tsadbot.exe)
tiremoteservice.exe belongs to Track-It!. (tiremoteservice.exe)
taskpanl.exe from EarthLink TotalAccess. (taskpanl.exe)
totalcmd.exe created by Total Commander. (totalcmd.exe)
tmoagent.exe is delivered by Trend Pc-cillin. (tmoagent.exe)
tintsetp.exe ???. (tintsetp.exe)
tbpanel.exe created by EXPERTool : Display Control Panel. (tbpanel.exe)
tangoservice.exe . (tangoservice.exe)
tacelmgr.exe created by TAcelMgr. (tacelmgr.exe)
tmanager.exe . (tmanager.exe)
triggusr.exe is created by Unicenter Software Delivery. (triggusr.exe)
task32.exe . (task32.exe)
thguard.exe is created by TrojanHunter Guard. (thguard.exe)
tmas.exe belongs to Anti-Spyware. (tmas.exe)
tsamain.exe . (tsamain.exe)
tskman.exe from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (tskman.exe)
tark.exe . (tark.exe)
tsircsrv.exe is developed by LapLink. (tsircsrv.exe)
tsyssmon.exe from System Stability Program. (tsyssmon.exe)
te.exe developed by Tracks Eraser Pro. (te.exe)

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