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Windows processes in Task Manager

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usrprmpt.exe developed by Norton Security Center. (usrprmpt.exe)
upnpframework.exe made by UPnPFramework.exe. (upnpframework.exe)
update.exe made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (update.exe)
uphclean.exe is developed by User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. (uphclean.exe)
usbsircs.exe created by remote commander driver. (usbsircs.exe)
updmgr.exe is created by Pnmgr Application. (updmgr.exe)
umonit.exe developed by Gene USB Monitor. (umonit.exe)
ups.exe is delivered by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (ups.exe)
usisrv.exe is developed by Ulead Systems USISrv. (usisrv.exe)
uaservice.exe . (uaservice.exe)
userint32.exe . (userint32.exe)
unsecapp.exe is created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (unsecapp.exe)
ussshreg.exe . (ussshreg.exe)
usbpnp.exe belongs to SiPix StyleCam Snap. (usbpnp.exe)
urlmap.exe is delivered by Microsoft Money. (urlmap.exe)
usbn.exe . (usbn.exe)
urtclsvc.exe . (urtclsvc.exe)
upd.exe . (upd.exe)
usrbridg.exe . (usrbridg.exe)
unpak32.exe . (unpak32.exe)
upnpclient.exe is developed by Universal Plug and Play Device Client. (upnpclient.exe)
userinit32.exe from bsVirus. (userinit32.exe)
us30service.exe . (us30service.exe)
uwdf.exe from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (uwdf.exe)
usbdetector.exe made by ali usb. (usbdetector.exe)
ultramontaskbar.exe belongs to UltraMon. (ultramontaskbar.exe)
usbtip.exe is from USBTip Application. (usbtip.exe)
umonit2k.exe is made by Gene USB Monitor. (umonit2k.exe)
ucstartup.exe belongs to IBM Update Connector. (ucstartup.exe)
upsio.exe created by PowerPanel (Plus). (upsio.exe)
ud_7657531.exe . (ud_7657531.exe)
uiucu.exe belongs to Conexant Universal Device Install/Uninstall Application. (uiucu.exe)
ustorage.exe from UMSD. (ustorage.exe)
upsint.exe belongs to WDM Book. (upsint.exe)

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