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Windows processes in Task Manager

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winstat.exe . (winstat.exe)
webrebates0.exe . (webrebates0.exe)
webscanx.exe delivered McAfee VirusScan. (webscanx.exe)
waol.exe from America Online. (waol.exe)
wlkeeper.exe developed by SSOFSet Service. (wlkeeper.exe)
winupdate.exe . (winupdate.exe)
winstatkeep.exe . (winstatkeep.exe)
winvnc.exe made by TightVNC Win32 Server. (winvnc.exe)
wmiapsrv.exe is developed by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (wmiapsrv.exe)
wmplayer.exe developed by Microsoft(R) Windows Media Player. (wmplayer.exe)
winctlad.exe . (winctlad.exe)
wdservice.exe delivered WebDiskService. (wdservice.exe)
winpatrol.exe developed by WinPatrol. (winpatrol.exe)
wdbtnmgr.exe from WD Button Manager. (wdbtnmgr.exe)
winshost.exe . (winshost.exe)
winadctl.exe . (winadctl.exe)
wzqkpick.exe is created by WinZip. (wzqkpick.exe)
winmx.exe from WinMX. (winmx.exe)
webrebates1.exe . (webrebates1.exe)
winsys.exe is made by DOT Application. (winsys.exe)
wdsvc.exe from Retrospect. (wdsvc.exe)
winhlp32.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (winhlp32.exe)
wtsrv.exe is delivered by Tablet Driver for Win2000/XP. (wtsrv.exe)
win32.exe made by Folding@home Client. (win32.exe)
winxpdisablezeroconfigation.exe from XpDis0Conf. (winxpdisablezeroconfigation.exe)
winlogin.exe cfl. (winlogin.exe)
wo.exe from wo Module. (wo.exe)
wzcbdls.exe is made by WZCBDLService Launcher (NT). (wzcbdls.exe)
wwdisp.exe belongs to Window Washer. (wwdisp.exe)
winform.exe . (winform.exe)
watch.exe belongs to Watch Dog. (watch.exe)
wsaupdater.exe . (wsaupdater.exe)
wintab32.exe is from Wintab Digitizer Services. (wintab32.exe)
wcesmgr.exe is delivered by Microsoft ActiveSync. (wcesmgr.exe)
weblink.exe is delivered by WebLink Application. (weblink.exe)
wfxsvc.exe made by Symantec WinFax PRO. (wfxsvc.exe)
workflow.exe . (workflow.exe)
windir32.exe . (windir32.exe)
winmgnt.exe . (winmgnt.exe)
winservad.exe . (winservad.exe)
winwd.exe . (winwd.exe)
winvnc4.exe is made by VNC Server Enterprise Edition. (winvnc4.exe)
warez.exe created by Warez p2p for windows. (warez.exe)
wcmdmgr.exe belongs to WildTangent Updater Service. (wcmdmgr.exe)
wservice.exe belongs to Tablet Driver for Win. (wservice.exe)
wbutton.exe made by WButton Application. (wbutton.exe)
wupdater.exe created by Updater Application. (wupdater.exe)
wuamgrd.exe . (wuamgrd.exe)
winis.exe . (winis.exe)
wcmdmgrl.exe is created by Wild Tangent wcmdmgrl. (wcmdmgrl.exe)
windows.exe is delivered by Project. (windows.exe)
wkssb.exe is developed by Microsoft® Works. (wkssb.exe)
winstall.exe . (winstall.exe)
wpctrl.exe from Pivot Sofware. (wpctrl.exe)
wmrundll.exe is delivered by ZEN for Desktops. (wmrundll.exe)
winctladalt.exe . (winctladalt.exe)
winldra.exe . (winldra.exe)
weirdontheweb.exe is created by Notifier. (weirdontheweb.exe)
winsecure.exe . (winsecure.exe)
webtrap.exe belongs to Trend Pc-cillin. (webtrap.exe)
wake_up.exe . (wake_up.exe)
winsystem.exe . (winsystem.exe)
wkfud.exe made by Microsoft® Works. (wkfud.exe)
winmon.exe . (winmon.exe)
winstylerthemesvc.exe belongs to TuneUp Utilities. (winstylerthemesvc.exe)
windowsautomaticupdates.exe is created by Folding@Home Client. (windowsautomaticupdates.exe)
wdvrctrl.exe . (wdvrctrl.exe)
whagent.exe from webHancer Customer Companion. (whagent.exe)
winiogon.exe . (winiogon.exe)
wintcpmod.exe created by Microsoft Windows Operating System TCP/IP Module. (wintcpmod.exe)
winsp3.exe . (winsp3.exe)
waatservice.exe . (waatservice.exe)
winservsuit.exe . (winservsuit.exe)
wcgrid_rosetta.exe is from Rosetta Fragments and Rosetta ab-initio. (wcgrid_rosetta.exe)
wp.exe . (wp.exe)
webdmi.exe delivered Compaq Management Agents. (webdmi.exe)
wdelmgr20.exe . (wdelmgr20.exe)
wintaskad.exe . (wintaskad.exe)
wlancfg5.exe made by ClientCU Application. (wlancfg5.exe)
wuam.exe . (wuam.exe)
winremote.exe made by WinCinema Manager for InterVideo WinCinema products. (winremote.exe)
wvsvc.exe . (wvsvc.exe)
wpabaln.exe made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (wpabaln.exe)
wintasks.exe delivered WinTasks Trial. (wintasks.exe)
winadalt.exe . (winadalt.exe)
ww.exe belongs to Weather Watcher. (ww.exe)
winasp.exe . (winasp.exe)
wincmapp.exe . (wincmapp.exe)
winagent.exe . (winagent.exe)
wlancfg4.exe . (wlancfg4.exe)
winregs32.exe . (winregs32.exe)
winrar.exe belongs to Xgtray. (winrar.exe)
winsched.exe . (winsched.exe)
wm.exe created by Novell Client for Windows. (wm.exe)
wow.exe is from World of Warcraft. (wow.exe)
winsersec.exe . (winsersec.exe)
wdskctl.exe from IEPluginDesktopToolbar Application. (wdskctl.exe)
wg511wlu.exe from NetgearRev Application. (wg511wlu.exe)
wscript.exe made by Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host. (wscript.exe)
winmonv.exe . (winmonv.exe)
wuolservice.exe developed by ZENworks for Desktops. (wuolservice.exe)
win32k.exe is delivered by HideIt X. (win32k.exe)
w32mkde.exe is made by Btrieve for Windows NT/Windows. (w32mkde.exe)
wkfix.exe . (wkfix.exe)
winshvc.exe . (winshvc.exe)
winhost.exe . (winhost.exe)
winole.exe . (winole.exe)
webtrapnt.exe made by Trend Pc-cillin. (webtrapnt.exe)
wts_key.exe . (wts_key.exe)
winroll.exe . (winroll.exe)
wualcts.exe . (wualcts.exe)
windll32.exe . (windll32.exe)
winlite.exe . (winlite.exe)
wiseupdt.exe . (wiseupdt.exe)
winmysqladmin.exe is created by WinMySQLadmin. (winmysqladmin.exe)
wfwiz.exe from WinFast Wizard. (wfwiz.exe)
winlog0n.exe . (winlog0n.exe)
wsprobe.exe . (wsprobe.exe)
winbait.exe . (winbait.exe)
winimsg.exe . (winimsg.exe)
winserver.exe . (winserver.exe)
wnex7do.exe . (wnex7do.exe)
wkssvc.exe . (wkssvc.exe)
wlanpro.exe is from WLANMON. (wlanpro.exe)
windowssearch.exe is created by MSN Search Toolbar. (windowssearch.exe)
wserv32.exe . (wserv32.exe)
windns.exe . (windns.exe)
wros.exe from WinRouter Operating System. (wros.exe)
whatpulse.exe is from WhatPulse Application. (whatpulse.exe)
wmonitor.exe . (wmonitor.exe)
wincfg32.exe . (wincfg32.exe)
wdusrpcn.exe . (wdusrpcn.exe)
wsbklite.exe belongs to wsbklite Application. (wsbklite.exe)
winfrw.exe . (winfrw.exe)
wtxpload.exe is developed by Pointing Device Drivers. (wtxpload.exe)

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