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Windows processes in Task Manager

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drwtsn32.exe is made by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (drwtsn32.exe)
dxdllreg.exe . (dxdllreg.exe)
dinst.exe . (dinst.exe)
drgtodsc.exe delivered Drag-to-Disc. (drgtodsc.exe)
dmxlauncher.exe is made by Dell Media Experience. (dmxlauncher.exe)
dsagnt.exe is created by Dell Support. (dsagnt.exe)
dvdtray.exe . (dvdtray.exe)
diagent.exe delivered Creative Diagnostics Agent. (diagent.exe)
dwrcs.exe is delivered by DameWare Development DWRCS. (dwrcs.exe)
dmadmin.exe is created by Logical Disk Manager for Windows NT. (dmadmin.exe)
datalayer.exe is developed by Nokia PC Suite. (datalayer.exe)
dslmon.exe from DSLMON Application. (dslmon.exe)
dvd43_tray.exe DVD. (dvd43_tray.exe)
desk98.exe delivered ATI Technologies Inc. HydraVision Desktop Manager. (desk98.exe)
dkicon.exe is from Diskeeper (TM) Disk Defragmenter. (dkicon.exe)
dcpflics.exe is delivered by AfterBurn. (dcpflics.exe)
djtopr1150.exe . (djtopr1150.exe)
dlhelperexe.exe is delivered by DLHelper Module. (dlhelperexe.exe)
dadtray.exe from DadTray Application. (dadtray.exe)
dssagent.exe from Brødcast background agent. (dssagent.exe)
df5serv.exe from Deep Freeze. (df5serv.exe)
dslstat.exe delivered DSL Status. (dslstat.exe)
dragdiag.exe belongs to SpeedTouch USB. (dragdiag.exe)
deletesatellite.exe developed by GhostSurf. (deletesatellite.exe)
dlbcserv.exe . (dlbcserv.exe)
dap.exe is from Download Accelerator Plus. (dap.exe)
dcfssvc.exe is from Kodak DC File System Driver (Win32). (dcfssvc.exe)
ddcman.exe created by WildTangent DDCMan Module. (ddcman.exe)
deskadserv.exe . (deskadserv.exe)
desktopweather.exe belongs to Desktop Weather. (desktopweather.exe)
dcrserv.exe . (dcrserv.exe)
deldir0.exe created by one-dev DelDir. (deldir0.exe)
dees.exe . (dees.exe)
display.exe is created by APC PowerChute Personal Edition. (display.exe)
dwtrig20.exe is delivered by Watson Subscriber for SENS Network Notifications. (dwtrig20.exe)
dcplusplus.exe is created by DC++. (dcplusplus.exe)
dm1service.exe is created by DM1Service Module. (dm1service.exe)
davcdata.exe made by Internet Information Services. (davcdata.exe)
dmserver.exe is created by Download Manager. (dmserver.exe)
dcf5678.exe . (dcf5678.exe)
dlbtbmon.exe developed by Button Monitor Executable. (dlbtbmon.exe)
duc20.exe is created by DUC v. (duc20.exe)
dpps2.exe is from Don't Panic!. (dpps2.exe)
digservices.exe is made by DIGServices. (digservices.exe)
dumeter.exe belongs to DU Meter. (dumeter.exe)
dxvid.exe . (dxvid.exe)
dpagnt.exe from DPPRAgnt Module. (dpagnt.exe)
drst.exe from SpeedTouch. (drst.exe)
delus.exe developed by delus. (delus.exe)
dumprep.exe is created by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (dumprep.exe)
delmsbb.exe . (delmsbb.exe)
dllml.exe from DLL Module Loader. (dllml.exe)
dialer.exe from ISPWizard Dialer - Internet Setup Program Wizard Dialer. (dialer.exe)
diagorb.exe . (diagorb.exe)
dpcproxy.exe created by DIRECWAY. (dpcproxy.exe)
dfservex.exe is delivered by Deep Freeze. (dfservex.exe)
dlt.exe created by OpenManage Client Instrumentation. (dlt.exe)
drvmon.exe is delivered by Alcor Micro, Corp. Drive Monitor. (drvmon.exe)
db2jds.exe . (db2jds.exe)
displayagent.exe is developed by NeoPlanet NdaLoader. (displayagent.exe)
dark.exe . (dark.exe)
dhcpcl.exe . (dhcpcl.exe)
dopus.exe delivered Directory Opus. (dopus.exe)
devdetect.exe belongs to Device Detector. (devdetect.exe)
doscan.exe from Symantec AntiVirus. (doscan.exe)
dfrgntfs.exe is developed by Diskeeper (TM) Disk Defragmenter. (dfrgntfs.exe)
dr_s.exe . (dr_s.exe)
dwcrnt.exe . (dwcrnt.exe)
dmsadmins.exe . (dmsadmins.exe)
dkowqpkd.exe . (dkowqpkd.exe)
distm.exe from DisTM. (distm.exe)
dstart4.exe . (dstart4.exe)

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